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Guilty who took advantage of celebrity-photo hack decided to atone (and further joke) by donating to Prostate Cancer Foundation, who promptly refunded the money.

"This weekend, Reddit became the center of a storm over the stolen photographs of several well-known celebrities. One particularly strange, and frankly creepy, subreddit became a hub for collecting and sharing all the known photographs of Jennifer Lawrence, Kirsten Dunst, Victoria Justice, and other celebrities. Lawrence's representatives called the incident 'a flagrant violation of privacy.' At one point, a group of Redditors on that forum decided that as a show of support — or perhaps as an effort to absolve themselves of their role in the case — users should donate to a charity 'in honor' of Jennifer Lawrence. The Redditors who started the effort claimed that Lawrence was a supporter of the Prostate Cancer Foundation, but that is not the case. That was another crude joke." -- Polly Mosendz, the Atlantic Wire

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