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Perhaps the second best philanthropy website, ahem, began in 2015; in its short existence HistPhil has established itself as an important resource for the philanthropic sector.

"Fellow HistPhil co-founders Stanley N. Katz, Benjamin Soskis, and I launched the website this past summer with the dual purpose of strengthening the field and bringing together practitioners and scholars in common dialogue on the past, present, and future of the nonprofit and philanthropic sectors. As regular readers know, we began in June with a general discussion of the field and soon thereafter with a forum on philanthropy & democracy. Against the backdrop of Ford Foundation President Darren Walker’s announced efforts to address inequalities on the global stage, we followed with another conversation on the ability of philanthropy to address societal-wide inequities. Most recently, contributors discussed the role of philanthropy in education, and the distinctions between charity and philanthropy. In January, we will begin with a forum on the Green Revolution, followed by another on philanthropy & the state. Please write to us if you would like to contribute to either exchange. And as always, please continue to reach out to us about books, articles, reports, and other material that address the history of the philanthropic and nonprofit sectors and that you’d like HistPhil to address."--HistPhil.org

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