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Is Facebook "throttling nonprofits and activists"-- especially in developing world-- with its latest attempt to harness "organic reach" for profit?

"So far coverage of Facebook's plan to squeeze the organic reach of Pages has focused on its impact on 'brands' that spam us with ads and promotions. But nonprofits, activists, and advocacy groups with much fewer resources (and no ad budgets) are also being hugely affected. It's starting to look like Facebook is willing to strangle public discourse on the platform in an attempt to wring out a few extra dollars for its new shareholders. Put simply, 'organic reach' is the number of people who potentially could see any given Facebook post in their newsfeed. Long gone are the days when Facebook would simply show you everything that happened in your network in strict chronological order. Instead, algorithms filter the flood of updates, posts, photos, and stories down to the few that they calculate you would be most interested in." -- B. Traven, Valleywag.com

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