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A conversation with Jeremy Beer on his new e-book, Fundraising When Times Are Bad: A Guide for Nonprofit Leaders

This economic downturn caught us all off guard. Nicole Rizkallah sat down with Jeremy Beer to discuss his new e-book, Fundraising When Times Are Bad, and his thoughts about fundraising through a pandemic and an economic downturn.

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Promoting prudence: a review of Jeremy Beer’s Fundraising When Times Are Bad

A review of Jeremy Beer’s new e-book, Fundraising When Times Are Bad: A Guide for Nonprofit Leaders. While commending practical wisdom Beer’s new e-book provides guidance to nonprofit leaders navigating “bad times.”

GDT Podcast / Episode 35

Catch Mary Eberstadt on this week’s Givers, Doers, & Thinkers, discussing identity politics and the sexual revolution with Jeremy Beer!

Jack Fowler & the publication of ideas on civil society

Join Jeremy Beer and Jack Fowler for a lively discussion on the early days of National Review, along with the influence of publications in civil society.

Critical social justice is on the rise

Helen Pluckrose, author of Cynical Theories and founder of the Counterweights, joined Jeremy Beer on Givers, Doers, & Thinkers to discuss the rise of critical social justice theory.

Coming to a phone or laptop near you: season two of Givers, Doers, & Thinkers

Next week, Jeremy Beer sits down with a new line-up of givers, doers, and thinkers to discuss American civil society. We knows it’s hurting, but Jeremy learns where it’s doing well, and who’s doing something about it.