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As part of The Giving Review’s “Collections” series, below is a list of articles, a speech, and a podcast on philanthropy and eugenics. It is, we fully realize, necessarily partial. We hope you find it of interest, however, and perhaps helpful. Its entries are in chronological order.


William A. Schambra, “Charity, Progressive Philanthropy, and Eugenics,” The Philadelphia Society, October 8, 2005

William A. Schambra, “Eugenics as Philanthropic ‘Best Practice,’” Philanthropy Daily, November 14, 2011

William A. Schambra, “Philanthropy’s Arrogance and Insularity on Eugenics Offer Cautionary Tale,” The Chronicle of Philanthropy, December 2, 2012

William A. Schambra, “Philanthropy’s Original Sin,” The New Atlantis, October 1, 2013

Matthew Gerken, “Modern philanthropy and the new eugenicists,” Philanthropy Daily, December 28, 2016

Ruth McCambridge, “The Long Tail of Philanthropy and Eugenics: Judge Trades Shorter Sentences for Sterilization,” Nonprofit Quarterly, July 24, 2017

Dylan Matthews and Byrd Pinkerton, “’The time of vasectomy’: how American foundations fueled a terrible atrocity in India,” Vox, June 5, 2019

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