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Checking the power of progressive Big Philanthropy

An updated collection of various recent ideas to reform philanthropy

Plutocrats and their philanthropy: More ideas for saving the soul of the charitable sector

Conservatives should applaud—not fight—efforts to change philanthropic giving rules

We agree, foundations should be held accountable for high salaries and staggering expenses

What would Dean Zerbe’s grandma do?

71% favor taxing endowment income of wealthy universities and foundations

From history, a defensive and disdainful response to congressional interest in and scrutiny of Big Philanthropy

The Ford Foundation, the 1967 Cleveland mayoral election, and the 1969 Tax Reform Act

The Carnegie Corporation in The Victory Lab: The Secret Science of Winning Campaigns

Liberal philanthropy’s role in the 2020 election

Looking at the largest higher-education and grantmaker endowments in America

Charitable giving is the lifeblood of social capital, according to Mike Lee


Populist conservative Tucker Carlson on tax-exemption for Big Philanthropy: scrap it

Conservative author and venture capitalist J. D. Vance: eliminate all special tax privileges for foundations

Washington Post’s Henry Olsen: tax university and foundation endowments at a much-higher rate

Hoover economist John H. Cochrane: a lot of nonprofit status in America is just “a cover”

A conversation with Hoover Institution senior fellow John H. Cochrane

A “perversely bold” idea: eliminate private foundations

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