Alan Cantor

Alan Cantor is principal of Alan Cantor Consulting LLC, where he helps community-based nonprofits solve critical issues, primarily in the areas of development and governance. In his practice Alan draws on over thirty years of experience, including serving as Executive Director and, later, Board Chair of The Mayhew Program; Vice President at the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation; and Vice President for Philanthropy at the NH Community Loan Fund. A keen observer of the nonprofit sector, Alan is a frequent contributor to the Chronicle of Philanthropy. He is a lifelong New Englander, now living and working out of Concord, NH.

Carved from live oak: what makes an effective nonprofit leader

An effective nonprofit leader has thick skin, dirty fingernails, and a good heart.

Affairs of the heart

Why do people give? Nonprofits often think that donations result from extended intellectual analysis. In fact, most donors don’t think their way into giving to charity, but are primarily driven by emotions.

Is Philanthropy Becoming the Exclusive Preserve of the Very Wealthy?

Fewer people of modest, average, and above-average means are giving to charity, while a growing percentage of giving comes from the ultra wealthy. This trend, if left unchecked, could fundamentally change the nature of America.