Craig Kennedy

Craig Kennedy is a Senior Fellow with American Purpose.   He is the former president of The Joyce Foundation in Chicago and the German Marshall Fund.

501(c)(4) reform
Respecting the rule of law, and considering philanthropic reform

Recognizing a tenuous credibility, and reviving a true charity.

501(c)(4) reform
Time to reform donor-advised funds

Floating a four-element ACE Act alternative.

Philanthropy, volunteering, and disasters

In southwest Florida after Hurricane Ian, thousands of people are pitching in to help their next-door neighbor and also the unknown victim of a flat tire in the middle of a busy road.

501(c)(4) reform
Reforming §501(c)(4) organizations

Using one guiding principle, here are two proposed reforms to improve the permissions, restrictions, and tax advantages around 501(c)4s.

political giving philanthropy
Time to separate philanthropy and politics

Here are four serious proposals to separate “charitable” and “political” giving.

Where’s the outrage about Yvon Chouinard?

Apparently, the value of philanthropy is determined by the worldview of the gift-giver.

The media are offside on Seid

Criticisms of Barre Seid’s historic $1.6 billion to the Marble Freedom Trust are ignorant of both details and context.

A conversation with the Institute for Policy Studies’ Chuck Collins (Part 2 of 2)

The heir, author, and researcher talks to Craig Kennedy and Michael E. Hartmann about philanthropy in America, including its “top-heaviness,” what could perhaps be done about it, and whether any charitable reform might be able to attract cross-ideological support.