Jack Fowler

Jack Fowler is a Senior Philanthropy Consultant at American Philanthropic, where he helps advise donors and manage giving programs. He also serves as Director of the Center for Civil Society, which produces educational resources for nonprofit leaders and donors that offer practical advice, ideas, training, and tools that help civil society leaders achieve their missions.

Before joining American Philanthropic, Jack served over three decades at National Review in various capacities, including as publisher, and oversaw publishing, promotion, and fundraising and development operations. He also contributed articles regularly and hosts a popular podcast with Victor Davis Hanson. He has served on numerous boards, including the American Mental Health Foundation, The Human Life Foundation, The Frontier Center, and GenJustice, and for over a decade was a White House Fellows program regional judge.

Jack graduated from Regis High School in New York and Holy Cross in Worcester (Mass.), where he majored in philosophy. A member of the Knights of Columbus, he and his wife Sharon have five children and live in Milford, Connecticut.

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