Maria Parry

As a consultant for AmPhil’s Writing and Communications Department, Maria Bonvisutto writes and edits a wide range of fundraising copy, including direct mail, foundations proposals, donor communications, digital messaging, and collateral.

Before coming to AmPhil, Maria served on the marketing and communications staff of a private school in Virginia. Prior to that, she worked in Regnery Publishing’s editorial department.

Maria graduated from Christendom College with a Bachelor of Arts in History. She lives in the Lehigh Valley region of Pennsylvania. In her free time, she loves to read, write, and play classical guitar.

Someone writing holiday fundraising appeal
Writing an effective year-end appeal

Integrating these tricks into your end-of-year fundraising will help you reap the full rewards of donor generosity this giving season.

What to highlight in direct mail

99% of the letter’s recipients will NOT read the letter carefully. So if you’re not using highlighting to show them instantly what’s up, they’re not going to understand your appeal at all.