Peter Lipsett

AmazonSmile closure creates more urgent need for small-dollar givers

Average, everyday donors might not break the bank for most nonprofits, but they are part of a thriving civil society. And giving away even small sums of money on a regular basis is good for both giver and recipient.

Philanthropy during coronavirus: supporting civil society

There are many ways that donors interested in civil society and lending aid during these unprecedented times can promote civil society and help those in need.

Millennials Are Givers, and Uniquely So

Millennials have a bad reputation for being insignificant as a donor class. Is their giving really so minimal?

Measuring the impact of ideas organizations

Arthur Brooks weighs in on how metrics commonly used to measure success in the for-profit world are not necessarily applicable to the nonprofit sphere.

The spontaneous order of charitable giving

There are only as many charitable organizations as there are donors willing to fund them. Over time, these same donors will only be willing to support those charities that are doing good and effective work.