Patrice Onwuka

Arrow made up of diverse people indicating we're moving towards a reckoning with foundation grants earmarked for racial equity.
What of the $17 Billion Racial Reckoning in Philanthropy?

Since 2020, foundations have poured nearly $17 billion into grants earmarked for racial equity. But have those dollars achieved the intended outcomes?

People holding Israeli flags; donors fight antisemitism
How donors can fight rising antisemitism on college campuses

Universities across America have been slow to respond to rising antisemitism on college campuses . Donors need to step in to hold schools and students alike accountable.

Martin luther king
Philanthropy’s role in helping Black Americans

Even as life for Blacks in America has improved since Dr. King’s day, racial disparities remain. Philanthropy can help to remedy those disparities.

give local
Shaq’s “give local” strategy is a slam dunk

Shaquille O’Neal has some sound philanthropic advice in a recent Forbes interview: “Just take care of where you’re from.”