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Serendipity: How good (and bad) ideas spread

Despite technology’s role in distributing information, the diffusion of ideas is still essentially a social phenomenon.

Serendipity: The Future of Work

This collection of articles considers the issues facing human labor in our era of rapid change. What role might philanthropy play in ensuring that people not only survive the transition, but thrive in the midst of it?

Serendipity: Making Sense of Social Complexity

This collection of articles considers how we as individuals, groups, and society as a whole might make use of deeply human tools—from psychology to social learning—to make sense of the complex world in which we live.

Serendipity: Loneliness and Its Antidotes

A collection of articles to help us consider how to strengthen the ideas, institutions, and social practices that sustain a flourishing society.

Event: an opportunity to learn the elements of fundraising

Join American Philanthropic in Phoenix this October to learn what it takes to raise more money.