William Klimon

William M. Klimon is Senior Counsel at Compass Legal Group, Inc., in Washington, D.C., where he heads the Nonprofit Organizations Practice. For over 20 years, he was a member of the exempt organizations practice at the Washington, D.C. tax boutique Caplin & Drysdale. From 2018-20, he served as chair of the American Bar Association’s Nonprofit Organizations Committee. He was a member of the task force that drafted the fourth edition of the Model Nonprofit Corporation Act (2022), and he is co-editor of the fourth edition of the ABA’s Guidebook for Directors of Nonprofit Corporations (forthcoming 2023).

Incorporating the vision: Mechanisms in nonprofit governance to ensure founders’ rights

The removal and resignation of Project Veritas’s founder is an occasion to consider different ways to structure nonprofit governance.

bad donors
Tainted gifts: five techniques for handling contributions from bad donors

What can leaders of universities, museums, and other charities do to plan for and otherwise manage the risks presented by bad donors? In this article, I identify five planning options that will increase a charity’s ability to react and decrease its risk.