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27 horses, 6 dogs, and a potbelly pig: TX nonprofit that shelters abandoned and abused livestock is named for Becky, the horse that started it all.

"[Sue] Chapman has been rescuing animals since 1997, when she first saw Becky, a horse who was severely emaciated. She had big, maggot-filled wounds on her shoulder and was living in a junkyard. Chapman was told Becky’s owner called her 'my lawnmower.' 'I just saw Becky, and it changed my life,' Chapman said. She had recently started a business, and was successful in the corporate world when she decided to ditch the city life for a ranch in Marlin, southeast of Waco. It took around $4,000 to nurse Becky back to health, and soon word got out that there was a new rescue in town." -- Charles Scudder, the Dallas Morning News

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