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Midwestern values run deep in the shareholders of Berkshire Hathaway; they continue to be hard workers and use their 'privilege of philanthropy' to benefit their local community.

"Berkshire shareholders tend to look at their swelling wealth as a “happy accident” deserving of “extra gratitude” and therefore give away more, says Sara Boyd, president of the Omaha Community Foundation, a nonprofit. Although Berkshire shareholders are only 5% of her foundation’s donor base, they account for roughly a fifth of the donations, or more than $300 million, she said.

"'All the ones I know have stayed true to form: hardworking, wary of luxury and leisure, strongly committed to education, medicine and the civic good,' says Carol Angle, an early Berkshire shareholder of her fellow Nebraskan investors. 'The privilege of philanthropy is not something we even considered back in 1965.'"--Anupreeta Das, The Wall Street Journal

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