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From an early age, and in the culture of their family life, Warren Buffett inculcated into his children an understanding of the dignity of the human person.

"Two of Warren Buffett’s children praised their parents’ example in a broad-ranging conversation about philanthropy that touched on their youth and lessons learned in giving away some of their father’s wealth.

"'They absolutely shared the same values for social justice and equality,' Susan Buffett, the billionaire’s daughter, said Thursday at a panel discussion on philanthropy at the University of Nebraska, Omaha. While their mother was much more active in giving back to the community, they both believed in the same things, she said.

"'The thing we felt without words being said, the strongest between my parents, was that core feeling around every life has equal value,' said her brother, Peter Buffett. He remembered a bumper stick that their mother had on the family car: 'Nice people come in all colors.'"--Noah Buhayar and Margaret Collins, Bloomberg

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