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Even though the Supreme Court declined to hear the case against the California Attorney General for demanding (and now possibly exposing) names of donors, this case is far from over.

"California Attorney General Kamala Harris has assured charities that her office’s demand for the names and addresses of people who make donations are in good hands, given that state policy is to keep such sensitive information private. Yet a federal lawsuit challenging that rule raises questions about the state’s ability to keep the information private – and offers real concerns to charities who promise anonymity to their donors.

"The Virginia-based conservative group, the Americans for Prosperity Foundation, alleges the attorney general’s office has released donor names on its Web site. In a deposition this month with the recently retired head of the office’s charitable trusts registry, the foundation’s attorneys asked whether she would be concerned if one such piece of confidential information could be found on the department’s public web site."--Steven Greenhut, the San Diego Union Tribune

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