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Quebec judge refused to hear case of woman who wouldn't remove her hijab; now a crowdfunding effort on her behalf illustrates the "mixed blessing of flash philanthropy".

"This is not the Canadian way....,' wrote Nouman Ahmad of Toronto and Rayan Rafay of Vancouver, organizers of the 'Buy a car for Rania El-Alloul' campaign on the crowdfunding site gofundme.com.... [T]hey were moved to try to raise $20,000 to boost awareness, pay for legal fees and buy her a vehicle. El-Alloul had been in court to get her car back after it was impounded because her 21-year-old son was caught driving with a suspended licence.... Within two weeks, the two men had raised $51,687 from 1,087 donors giving between $5 and $100 each. [B]ut... the surfeit of generosity spurred an unintended backlash." -- René Bruemmer, the Montreal Gazette

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