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Making a difference without millions—how Americans give

The digital age hasn’t revolutionized philanthropy but instead has brought attention to old behaviors and moral ideals, Bernholz said. While things like mutual aid programs might seem new, Bernholz believes that it’s the same type of community participation people have always been drawn to doing.

big tech
Something to Hide? A review of “Digital Contagion”

Big Tech doesn’t love you, but it does want to know you. Michael Matheson Miller has recommendations for avoiding the contagion of Big Tech.

jonathan haidt
Righteous minds: America in disarray

Jonathan Haidt’s “The Righteous Mind” offers insight into why we disagree with each other and how we might better communicate. With our divided political climate, it is an important book for Americans who are seeing the “lesser angels” of their compatriots.

Profiles in self-contradiction: a review of Boomers by Helen Andrews

Helen Andrews’ “BOOMERS: The Men and Women Who Promised Freedom and Delivered Disaster” not only offers a piercing insight into the Boomer generation and its self-destructive flaws—it holds up a mirror to ourselves, as well.

Local newspapers can help reduce polarization with opinion pages that focus on local issues

With polarization on the rise, local newspapers can make a big difference by focusing on local issues. This raises a funding issue—but if papers can generate local content, they can strengthen their communities and fight polarization.

A walk towards faith: a review of Walk With Me

Neal Freeman’s recent “Walk With Me” shares with readers Freeman’s walk towards faith—it’s ups and down and pitfalls and opportunities.

Walk With Me—The Perfect Easter Gift

This new, inspiring, and awakening spiritual memoir offers companionship on the soul’s search for the divine, on the believer’s quest for a new self.

Do More Than Give: A particularly dangerous book

The authors of “Do More Than Give” help their readers graduate to “catalytic philanthropy,” growing out of the adolescent practice of giving based on affection, connection, gratitude, or caring.

Compelling communications and the curse of knowledge

Why is it so hard to effectively communicate my point? Perhaps because you know too much. Here’s how to step back and strengthen your donor communications.

Restoring American pluralism through localism: a review of David French’s Divided We Fall

With America suffering dramatic disunity and tearing at the seams, we need a renewed commitment to liberalism and pluralism—and localism.