Donors and fundraisers aren’t so different, after all

In “A Spirituality of Fundraising,” Henri Nouwen reorients our approach to fundraising, reappraises the donor-fundraiser relationship, and reinforces my commitment to giving where I work.

Who is your archetypal donor?

Identifying your donors’ common characteristics can help you you both acquire new donors and retain and upgrade the ones you have.

What the U.S. Supreme Court Decision on Affirmative Action in Higher Education Could Mean for Charities

New Philanthropy Roundtable legal analysis sheds light on the implications of the Supreme Court decision for three categories of organizations outside the higher-ed sphere.

Stating problems alone isn't going to help your fundraising mail
Avoid fundraising “cuss letters”

Donors want to hear about the problems you’re seeing—and what you’re doing about them.

Stop kicking the can

Fundraising achievements are earned, not given. Don’t put off doing the hard work necessary to fulfill your mission.

Could listening to your donors make you a better fundraiser?

In a recent article, Theodore Wagenaar offers a donor’s perspective on giving. Fundraisers would do well to take heed.

A can’t miss conference with an eye-popping agenda

On November 7th and 8th, a panoply of donors, nonprofit leaders, and scholars will gather in Scottsdale to discuss the decline in religiosity in America.

The battle for philanthropic freedom

Lawmakers are forgetting that regulating philanthropy stifles individual donors, devastates the philanthropic sector, and harms civil society.

The First Amendment right you didn’t know big government stole

Freedom of assembly is at the core of the American spirit, but it’s being usurped.

Here’s what funders need to know

A new study helps individual and institutional funders gain a better understanding of the challenges that nonprofits face in the wake of the pandemic.