Nonprofit staff aligning their messaging and mission statement to ensure consistency and hitting fundraising target.
On message, on mission

If your nonprofit is going to fulfill its purpose, your staff need to think and speak clearly and consistently about its mission.

Group of people representing advisory council that engages retirees and gen zers, identifies future board of directors members, and rewards promising nonprofit staff members.
Your nonprofit probably needs an advisory council

As the number of charitably inclined Gen Zers and philanthropically involved retirees skyrockets, it’s worth considering the benefits an advisory council could bring to your organization.

Brick wall indicating getting a no from prospective donor, but push through that disappointment to get to a donor yes and fundraising gift
Dealing with disappointment

For every fundraising professional, failure is inevitable—and surmountable, and even beneficial. To mature as a fundraiser, you should see disappointment as an opportunity to grow.

Woman picking up barbell, indicating importance of professional discipline and planning in nonprofit fundraising.
Motivation is worthless

Passion is all well and good, but when it comes to fulfilling your mission, professional discipline is key.

Star of David representing antisemitism on university campuses after Hamas attack
“None to Make Him Afraid”: America’s Central Promise Broken by Antisemitism Run Amok

Why is it that so much of the deep-seated disdain for Jews, masquerading as hatred for Israel, is nurtured in the labs of nonprofit institutions?

Arrow made up of diverse people indicating we're moving towards a reckoning with foundation grants earmarked for racial equity.
What of the $17 Billion Racial Reckoning in Philanthropy?

Since 2020, foundations have poured nearly $17 billion into grants earmarked for racial equity. But have those dollars achieved the intended outcomes?

AmPhil and Barna Group webinar on leveraging giving trends in 2024
Leveraging giving trends for your nonprofit in 2024

In a one-hour webinar, three experts on giving unpacked three key giving trends and how nonprofits can use them to guide their fundraising in 2024. Here are the key takeaways from that hour.

Man adding money to early retirement plan in order to support philanthropy as he ages
How early retirees can plan for philanthropy

A financial plan for early retirement should include a concrete strategy for ongoing philanthropic involvement.

Gen Z high schoolers studying robotics and STEM education, representing Gallup and Walton Family Foundation survey of Gen Z careers in technology
Gen Z Career Choices and STEM Education

A recent Gallup survey sheds light on Gen Z attitudes and exposure to STEM education, and how donors can factor this information into their giving decisions.

Young man sitting under tree engaging in deep work to become a better, more successful fundraiser.
Change is hard (and worthwhile)

Committing to deep work pays off, transforming how your colleagues perceive you and how you see yourself.