On throat-clearing and charity

Quit throat-clearing and write confidently in your fundraising communications.

Fundraising as trust-building

Given the decline of trust in American society, particularly trust in institutions, it’s refreshing to think of fundraising as a profession with a higher calling.

blockchain arts
How blockchain can help fund artists—and revive the arts

Funding for artists tends to go to major institutions, not to artists. But a new decentralized solution offers a way for philanthropists large and small to support artists directly.

AmazonSmile closure creates more urgent need for small-dollar givers

Average, everyday donors might not break the bank for most nonprofits, but they are part of a thriving civil society. And giving away even small sums of money on a regular basis is good for both giver and recipient.

Should Nonprofits Publicize the Charitable Tax Deduction?

What role do fundraisers and nonprofit organizations play when it comes to educating their donors about charitable tax deductions?

Joe Rogan and Dave Portnoy discuss charity

Nonprofits should put most of their funds toward programs, but we must avoid the delusion that “overhead” is a bad investment.

rule of law
Respecting the rule of law, and considering philanthropic reform

Recognizing a tenuous credibility, and reviving a true charity.

prison corrections
Corrections reform as social reform

Prisons today are serving more often as mental health hospitals and homeless shelters. We need corrections reform to reflect this reality.

The impact of regulation on charity in the United States

“The 50-State Index of Charity Regulations,” analyzes five key areas of charitable sector regulations, ranks the states according to the regulatory burdens in these areas and examines the impact overregulation has on a state’s charitable landscape.

Edelman continues to track the decline of trust

The 2023 Edelman Trust Barometer tells us more about the decline of trust globally. This year, they track the rise in polarization, too.