Helicopter flying over city skyline, representing helicopter boss
Are you a Helicopter Boss?

By taking a step back and letting your employees choose how they work best, you’ll multiply your organization’s impact tenfold.

Year 2030 written on a paper with a green pushpin, concept image for business vision or long term prospective. Number two thousand thirty.
When it comes to your donors, think long-term

By focusing on donor retention, you not only secure ongoing financial support, you create long-lasting partners who will champion your cause and expand your reach.

Does your brand stand out from the fundraising crowd?

By building a compelling, distinctive brand, nonprofits also build trust and confidence with current and prospective donors.

Getting real about foundation fundraising

In a recent webinar, AmPhil experts reminded us that foundations are run by people, not robots. Focus on building relationships, not inputting data.

The three pillars supporting long-term fundraising success

The success of your fundraising and marketing efforts depends on strategic cultivation of brand awareness, donor retention, and donor engagement.

Corporate gifts aren’t always worth it

Take a close look at whether applying for corporate grants requires you to compromise your organization’s values.

labor day
Happy Labor Day!

As summer winds down, we take today to enjoy the spoils of civil society and remember those whose labor built this nation.

Can a robot write a letter?

ChatGPT has its limitations, but (used wisely) it can be a powerful tool for improving your fundraising writing, saving you time and money along the way.

The King’s College: New York or Nowhere

The King’s College has temporarily closed its doors, but the relevance of its mission in the heart of New York City is stronger than ever.

What the Republican debate teaches us about crafting effective appeals

Wednesday’s presidential debate presented a vivid illustration of the power of a coherent narrative. Fundraisers should sit up and take notice.