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Nonprofit organizations bring people together to tackle challenges

Even as Covid-19 keeps us apart, civil society organizations continue to bring people together to tackle local challenges.

Alicia Manning & the richness of reciprocity

Catch this first release of Philanthropy Daily’s new podcast, Givers, Doers, & Thinkers! Jeremy speaks with Alicia Manning today.

The multiplayer race for a COVID-19 vaccine

Successfully creating a COVID-19 vaccine will require much creativity and will be the fruit of many smaller victories along the way. Philanthropy can play an important role in these areas.

Unsustainability in higher education

Higher education has become infatuated with “sustainability,” even as it has become increasingly unsustainable. It is time for a new approach to the higher education model.

ford foundation, big philanthropy
Big philanthropy and the quest for homogeneity

A report from the Ford Foundation in the early 1990s betrays several of big philanthropy’s concerning and recent tendencies in its effort to “help” other cultures.

Diverse giving from different donors

A recent Washington Post article criticizes the giving of wealthy Americans during the COVID-19 crisis. But their research misunderstands philanthropy.

Philanthropy and the common good at Notre Dame

A course at the University of Notre Dame—made possible by the Philanthropy Lab—gives undergraduates the opportunity to make up to $85,000 in grants to nonprofits. Here’s how the process went.

COVID-19, lean philanthropy
How “lean philanthropy” responds to COVID-19

Exponent Philanthropy surveyed its network of “lean funders” to see how they are responding to COVID-19. Much of it is good, another example of donors shifting in ways that will be valuable beyond the pandemic.

Dian Graves Owen: exemplary generosity

The Foundation for Economic Education recently released a short film about the life and philanthropy of Dian Graves Owen. Hers is story of grit and hard work, culminating in exemplary philanthropy.

steve jobs bill gates education and philanthropy
Why Steve Jobs, not Bill Gates, was the true education visionary

Apple’s visionary motto of “Think Different” challenges the status quo, while Microsoft’s “Empowering Us All” may just capture the next incremental change on a well-trodden path.