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steve jobs bill gates education and philanthropy
Why Steve Jobs, not Bill Gates, was the true education visionary

Apple’s visionary motto of “Think Different” challenges the status quo, while Microsoft’s “Empowering Us All” may just capture the next incremental change on a well-trodden path.

rockefeller foundation global issues human suffering
Puzzles, mysteries, and global issues

The Rockefeller Foundation has new plan to “solve global issues.” But is leveraging “expertise” really the best way to address human suffering?

chronicle of philanthropy john hollingsworth
Real charity from a generous South Carolina donor

The Chronicle of Philanthropy reports on an “unlikely donor.” John Hollingsworth is an admirable donor, committed to generously serving his hometown.

bernie sanders campaign using belongingness to raise money
Bernie Sanders’ victory is due to his strategy to motivate “belongingness”

Bernie Sanders is fighting an uphill battle to emerge as the Democratic frontrunner. His trick is cultivating a sense of belonging to something bigger than oneself.

the pollination project is using micro-granting
Is micro-granting the future of philanthropy?

Micro-granting provides an exciting way forward for philanthropy: supporting unlikely grantees at low-levels to have major impact in communities.

jeffrey epstein dirty money MIT
Dirty donors: what to do with questionable money?

Frequently in 2019 we raised the question about what to do with grants from questionable individuals and organizations. Jeffrey Epstein was by far the worst example—but should we have a system to assess donors?

New Year’s Resolution: Improve our communities and not just ourselves

Our nation thrives when diverse individuals come together to improve their communities. The new year is an important time to reflect upon the role of nonprofits—and civil society leaders—in strengthening communities and helping the disadvantaged.

An Austin, Texas nonprofit has a creative way of helping the homeless

A nonprofit in Austin, Texas has a creative way of dealing with the homeless in their city. Treating them like persons, they’ve created a community for the homeless to live and support each other.

In a talk at Cambridge University, Bill Gates is optimistic about helping poorer countries

Bill Gates is confident that focusing donor resources on researching and innovating medical advances for Third World country is the best way to fight poverty and disease.

Looking closely at “back row America”: a review of Chris Arnade’s “Dignity”

Chris Arnade’s book “Dignity” does a fine job of meeting—and introducing readers to—America’s poorer class. It fails, however, to ask the right questions about addressing poverty.