Givers, Doers, and Thinkers (GDT) introduces listeners to the fascinating people and important ideas at the heart of American civil society. We speak with philanthropists, foundation leaders, reformers, social entrepreneurs, nonprofit executives, religious believers, historians, sociologists, philosophers, journalists, and anyone else who will help us understand contemporary civil society’s achievements and failures. We also sprinkle in practical advice for nonprofit leaders and fundraisers. This is the podcast for anyone interested in that vital space where philanthropy and civil society intersect.

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GDT Podcast / Episode 50

We bring season five of the Givers, Doers, & Thinkers podcast to a close with John Cuddeback, professor at Christendom College and founder of LifeCraft.

GDT Podcast / Episode 49

In this week’s episode, Jeremy speaks with Marcus A. Ruzek about how to help—and how to hurt—our nation’s veterans.

GDT Podcast / Episode 48

Jeremy speaks with Aaron Withe about battling government unions.

GDT Podcast / Episode 47

Jeremy speaks with Alexandra Hudson about how to restore civility during times of hostility.

GDT Podcast / Episode 46

Jeremy speaks with Oren Cass about the rising cost of thriving, our broken labor movement, alternative visions of the free market, and how to build stronger families and communities. 

GDT Podcast / Episode 45

This week, Jeremy Beer chats with Joshua Mitchell about rebuilding mediating institutions.

GDT Podcast / Episode 44

This week, Jeremy Beer chats with Ericka Andersen about re-engaging the women saying “no” to religion.

GDT Podcast / Episode 43

This week’s episode with James Whitford is a perfect transition from Thanksgiving weekend into the giving season.

GDT Podcast / Episode 42

Jeremy sits down with leading philanthropy scholar Les Lenkowsky to discuss the giving landscape in America and how it may or may not be changing.

GDT Podcast / Episode 41

To start off the fifth season of the GDT podcast, Jeremy sits down with Carrie Tynan of the Adolph Coors Foundation.

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