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Professionalized “nonprofit management’s” ability to strengthen America’s invaluable voluntary sector: be very skeptical

Are management training and statistical measurement really the keys to solving our deepest social problems?

civil society political discord and philanthropy
A YouGov poll indicates a dramatic “Perception Gap”

Political polarization is getting worse in America. A poll by YouGov points to some ways we might reduce polarization and promote civil society.

everyday philanthropist act federal government spur philanthropy
Budgeting for charity: a new way for the government to encourage giving

The full effect of the new Tax Cuts and Jobs Act has yet to be seen. Nevertheless, a bipartisan bill in the House has the ability to spur giving by donors of all sizes.

rising cost of higher education philanthropy and government
Higher education: government funding and philanthropic involvement

Federal funding helps drive up the cost of higher education. A recent study helps to see where federal higher education dollars go, in order to inform how philanthropists might best support higher education.

bill and melinda gates foundation billionaire philanthropy
My students see giving money away as a good thing but they’re getting leery of billionaire donors

People are growing wary of billionaire donors and their outsized influence in civil society and the nonprofit sector. The author looks at objections to, and defenses of, billionaire philanthropy, showing the complexity of giving.

higher education philanthropy and scholarships first-generation students
Want to help first-gen students? Think beyond scholarships

We often operate under the misconception that scholarships are the only—or at least best—way to support first-generation college students. That’s not the case, and there are several alternative ways to support first-gen students instead.

university of missouri donor intent philanthropy
Schemes to protect donor intent gone awry

A questionable donor-intent protection scheme is resulting in a lawsuit of Hillsdale College against the University of Missouri.

What Do Confederate Flags Have to Do with Notre Dame?

In the wake of the fire damaging the Cathedral of Notre Dame, philanthropic elites pledged hundreds of millions of dollars in support of restoration. Is this a good use of philanthropic funds?

Observations and recommendations on education grantmaking

Education grants tend to go primarily to liberals, with little diversity in goals—and little success in achieving those goals. The second in a two-part series.

Improving schools requires diverse grantmaking

The Annenberg Challenge didn’t work to improve public schools, and educational grantmaking continues to flounder when it’s too monolithic. The first in a two-part series.