Politics & Giving

The assault on generosity and voluntary action

Enemies of private giving and voluntary action insist that only government should be allowed to improve the common good, and that alternatives to state power must be shut down, or taxed away.

Philanthropy should be localist

A localist viewpoint can help give shape and purpose to our philanthropic giving.

Conservative policy funders have become as impatient as liberal donors

Restoring a more patient philanthropy means backing away from the obsession with immediate policy and political outcomes.

What went wrong (and right) with conservative philanthropy

The story of conservative policy philanthropy from Barry Goldwater to Donald Trump.

Should the NRA fear losing its ‘nonprofit status’?

More likely dangers include administrative hassles and fines.

Following its crisis, will the SPLC truly change?

“The SPLC,” staffers would joke, “Making hate pay.”

Democracy takes practice

As local civic associations dwindle, Americans lose essential democratic habits needed for self-governance.

Charitable deduction as “subsidy”: does it really mean what some think it means?

John E. Tyler examines the use of the charitable deduction as “subsidy,” analyzing its implications for the nonprofit sector.

Nonprofits must bargain with both donors and the state

Policy-oriented groups are making the most of IRS regulations so they can bargain with both the government and their donors.

Deductions or credits?

Rob Reich and the tax code’s role in encouraging philanthropy.