How real estate gifts can benefit your donor and your charity

It is important for fundraisers to understand the value of asset-based gifts. Not only are they good for your organization, but they are good for your donors, too, often creating a win-win situation.

Fundraising when times are bad: management

When the going gets tough, the leaders step up. Here’s how to lead your nonprofit through a recession or other “bad times.”

family giving
Giving as a family affair

Giving as a family can help cultivate a philanthropic spirit in kids while helping preserve your giving values.

Quick facts and top tips for a successful year-end push

It’s that time of year . . . Q4 is here and the big fundraising push is coming. With that in mind, here are a few facts and a few tips to set you up for a successful close to the year.

succession planning
What donors can learn from succession planning in business

It’s hard to protect donor intent at a foundation after the death of the original donor, making perpetual foundations nearly doomed to mission drift.

foundations and grants
Fundraising when times are bad: foundations and grants

Worried about shrinking foundation endowments? That’s going to happen during a recession, but that doesn’t mean you should pull back.

fundraising events
Fundraising when times are bad: events

When the economic outlook is questionable, you need to think carefully about the value of your fundraising events.

Fundraising when times are bad: donor acquisition

You may feel the need to cut costs, but don’t be caught up into thinking that donor acquisition is the place to cut back.

Fundraising when times are bad: strategy

A well-thought-out strategy is always a key ingredient for success. That doesn’t change when times are bad.

big picture
Fundraising when times are bad: the big picture

The fundamentals of fundraising don’t change whether times are good or times are bad. But applying those fundamentals well takes some careful thinking.