How handwritten thank you notes will improve your donor retention rate

Existing donors, both lapsed donors active, are already engaged in a conversation with you, one that they’re happy to participate in. You can leverage this existing relationship to boost their lifetime value and increase the percentage of donors giving at any moment. And handwritten thank you notes are a powerful ally in this effort.

Fundraising when times are bad: a new series

Stay tuned for a new series from American Philanthropic and Philanthropy Daily—”Fundraising When Times Are Bad”—to help you navigate today’s recession.

How to find the best fundraising software for your nonprofit

Good fundraising software is important for a fundraising operation. Here are a few things to think about as you select and use fundraising software at your organization.

Is your mission really more critical than ever?

With a clear mission/vision distinction, you can articulate why your work—and the donor’s support—is more urgently needed as a result of this external factor.

Shaping a compelling fundraising offer for direct response

When constructing messaging for direct response fundraising, it is imperative to identify the problem that the organization is helping to solve and frame the donor as a partner in helping to solve that problem.

On corporate fundraising

Corporate fundraising is unlike individual and foundation fundraising in one key way. It has nothing to do with the donor’s philanthropic mission.

philanthropy students
How higher education development offices can instill philanthropy on campus

Colleges and universities can foster a culture of philanthropy on campus by engaging students in the development efforts.

How’s your nonprofit’s database? 6 questions you need to ask yourself

Toss the spreadsheets in the trash. If your database makes you feel like Theseus navigating the Labyrinth, then it’s time for a change.

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Why direct response fundraising is like fishing from the riverbank

The art and science of direct response fundraising is like the cadence of a flowing river, engaging donors as they flow through, month by month.

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Making direct mail work smarter during the COVID-19 crisis

In times of economic uncertainty and global panic, like we face today, it’s tempting to step back and play it safe. If history is an indicator, this is a bad idea.