How’s your nonprofit’s database? 6 questions you need to ask yourself

Toss the spreadsheets in the trash. If your database makes you feel like Theseus navigating the Labyrinth, then it’s time for a change.

riverbank fishing
Why direct response fundraising is like fishing from the riverbank

The art and science of direct response fundraising is like the cadence of a flowing river, engaging donors as they flow through, month by month.

direct mail fundraising coronavirus
Making direct mail work smarter during the COVID-19 crisis

In times of economic uncertainty and global panic, like we face today, it’s tempting to step back and play it safe. If history is an indicator, this is a bad idea.

values-based investment
What you need to know about your organization’s investment portfolio

Whether you have a large endowment or a small investment reserve, your nonprofit or foundation should be investing these funds wisely and in accordance with your mission.

Navigating nonprofit messaging and negative stereotypes

When raising money for your human service nonprofit, it’s important to maintain the dignity of the people you serve, even as you motivate gifts from a broad base of donors.

lift note, lift notes, direct mail
The basics of “lift notes” in direct mail

Lift notes can improve your direct mail package and engage more readers. Here’s an intro to the basics of lift notes.

Personalize your direct mail appeal in 5 simple steps

Step #3: Treat your donors like persons, not investors.

capital campaigns
Capital campaigns are back! Make sure your next campaign is a huge success.  

With things returning to some sense of “normal,” capital campaigns are coming back—fast. Be sure that you’re prepared for a capital campaign before you start down that road. Here are some tips to help you plan for a successful campaign.

Using gift acknowledgments to create opportunities to give again

It might seem tacky at first, but acknowledging a recent donation from one of your donors is a great opportunity to ask for another gift.

time-limiting, sunet
Three advantages of time-limiting your philanthropy

New foundations can be set up in perpetuity or with a time limit to “sunset” within a set period of time. Here are three reasons to sunset before too long.