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Catholic Charities of Illinois needs the $25M from the State of Illinois to continue operating; Catholic Charities of Illinois has now reached out to voters to get the budget passed.

"The state's debt to Chicago's Catholic Charities, Illinois' largest social services agency, now tops $25 million because of the state's ongoing budget impasse, forcing the agency to do something it's never done before — appeal to priests and parishioners to lobby politicians in Springfield on behalf of the needy.

"The cash reserves that have kept the archdiocese agency alive until now are quickly running dry as the state falls further behind in paying its bills. Services that for years the state has hired the charity to provide are not covered by the budget proposed Wednesday by Gov. Bruce Rauner, said Rep. Greg Harris, a Chicago Democrat who heads the House Human Services Appropriations Committee."--Manya Brachear Pashman, the Chicago Tribune

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