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A person often gives for reasons of faith in God, and the tenets of their faith undergird their rationale for charity; these authors compare the Catholic and Muslim reasons to give.

"Organized religions have traditionally played a major role in charitable works — Christian and Muslim organizations have long established schools, hospitals and social service organizations. Catholic Charities USA reportedthat it spent more than $4 billion to serve over 10 million people in 2013 alone. Social services have similarly been a central focus of Islamist social and political mobilization for decades.

"The willingness of religious individuals to contribute to these charitable activities poses a little recognized challenge to conventional social science explanations, however. One of the most influential political science approaches to such contributions highlights the need for monitoring and sanctioning mechanisms in groups in order to elicit the contributions and cooperation of individuals towards a public good."--Carolyn Warner and Ramazan Kılınç, The Washington Post

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