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A new app, CharityWait, allows restaurant guests to donate to a charity in order to skip to the front of the line; the longer the wait, the more you give.

"What is it? CharityWait is a feature on the restaurant management app Smartline.Restaurants can use the app to keep track of reservations, waiting times and the queue for tables. CharityWait allows members of the public to skip the queue for a table by donating to charity.

"How does it work? Guests come to the restaurant and if there is a wait for a table they are added to the list on the Smartline app. Guests will then receive a text with a link that shows them their spot in the queue, estimated waiting time, menu and an option to ‘donate and skip the wait’. When they select the donate option, guests are taken to a check out page and once it is completed they move to the front of the queue to be seated next." --Aimee Meade, The Guardian

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