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Charter schools educate 3M students nationally, and they reach students in need, raise graduation rates, but still receive less per pupil than district schools, and continue to need philanthropy.

"If you heard that a group of philanthropists came together to donate millions of dollars to schools, you would probably consider it good news. Indeed, thousands of underprivileged kids will be helped by the $35 million raised for Success Academy charter schools at a charity gala earlier this month. But teachers unions detect a nefarious purpose.

"This $35 million donation was 'part of a coordinated national effort to decimate public schooling,' Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers, wrote in an April 13 article at the Huffington Post. “'Wealthy donors and their political allies,” she warned, are “pushing unaccountable charter growth in urban centers while stripping communities of a voice in their children’s education.'”--Nina Rees, The Wall Street Journal

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