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The financial irregularities from the Clinton Foundation show that while Hillary was Secretary of State there were $165B in arms sales to countries that donated to the Clinton Foundation.

"A Wall Street whistleblower has found a new target for investigation of financial irregularities, and it’s bad news for the Hillary Clinton campaign. Financial advisor Charles Ortel has taken on the Clinton Foundation and says that based on the records he’s found, the organization has been operating in a “boldly illegal” fashion, going as far as to say that 'this is a charity fraud.'

"Ortel has spent 15 months looking at public records, donor disclosures, and tax filings for all of the Foundation’s projects, including the Clinton Global Initiative, and the Clinton Health Access Initiative. Ortel plans to release 40 reports on what he found on his website, and he claims those reports will prove that the Clinton Foundation has never had to comply with legal requirements to verify their financial claims with independent accountants. Because of this, there is no way to trace billions of dollars sent to the Clinton foundation since 2000 because of the noncompliance with state laws regarding fundraising registration, disclosure requirements, and auditing rules."--Diana Price, the Inquisitr

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  1. Kudos to Mr. Charles Ortel for exposing so-called “charities” that are anything but.

    By exposing the Clinton Foundation, Mr. Ortel safeguards the good works being done by the reputable charities that comply with the law and serve noble and worthwhile causes.

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