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A historical and cultural philanthropist giving in the Chicago area, Richard H. Driehaus is one billionaire interested in conserving the Windy City's artistic and architectural heritage.

"Chicago native Richard H. Driehaus has built a career in the Windy City as founder and chairman of Driehaus Capital Management, which has around $11 billion in assets under management. Driehaus Capital is housed on Erie Street in Cable House, a peach-colored building constructed in the 1880s for Ransom R. Cable, who helmed Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Railway Company. After Cable passed, the building housed John Carroll Sons, a funeral business. Patriarch John Caroll was one of Chicago's first undertakers and personally drove the horse-drawn hearse that carried Abraham Lincoln through Chicago down to Springfield.

"Why am I telling you all this?

"Well, not only am I a history geek, but as it turns out, so is Driehaus, and a key component of the wealthy Chicago native's philanthropy involves historic conservation and preservation. Driehaus' philanthropy moves through the Richard H. Driehaus Foundation, which he founded in 1983, a year after starting his business. The foundation awards about $6 million annually, and while the foundation does not accept unsolicited proposals, it welcomes letters of inquiry and phone calls. Its website, meanwhile, is refreshingly transparent."--Ade Adejini, Inside Philanthropy

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