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A high profile matchmaker asked her clients to donate to charity, and her own was among the list; however, Pari Livermore's charity was never registered.

"Pari Livermore has been profiled by some of the biggest names in news for her matchmaking service, which gives profits to charity. But Livermore’s own charity was never registered.

"Pari Livermore has carefully constructed the persona of the world’s most benevolent Cupid. As a renowned matchmaker, her services gained popularity through glowing reviews in media like The New York TimesThe CBS Evening News and The Today Show.

"They all celebrated Livermore’s unusual business practices: Instead of requiring payment from her clients, Ms. Livermore instead solicited charitable donations to a collection of organizations including the American Heart Association, the American Cancer Society, the Child Abuse Prevention Society, the State Parks Foundation, and a few San Francisco-area charities."--Cerise Castle, The Daily Beast

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