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Announcing our new website…

These days, everyone suffers from information overload. But we like to think of Philanthropy Daily as different. We assume that your time is valuable. We carefully curate every story and article for you. Our aim is to bring you real content — not canned marketing gibberish, not bland feel-good stuff. We want Philanthropy Daily to be a fresh haven in the wilderness of internet blogs, sites, and newspapers.

With this goal in mind, we are pleased to announce the launch of our brand new website. We hope you will find that our new design reflects the spirit that governs our work — clarity, thoughtfulness, and inquiry.

There are four main "rooms" in this new home of ours.

The first is the Forum, where you will find opinion pieces that take up some of the most interesting questions confronting philanthropy and civil society: What does it mean to give ethically? How much influence should philanthropy have in a republican democracy such as ours? What is the meaning of giving and receiving gifts? What is the tension between globalization and localism as it pertains to philanthropy and charity? Can philanthropy be a profession? Should it be? 

The second is the News Deskwhere independent journalists and industry insiders provide original reporting and commentary on the news of the day. We believe that philanthropy is best understood as an integral part of civil society — and, therefore, American democracy. So it is imperative that philanthropic news be reported in a timely and informed manner and by those who understand the nuances and complexity of our sector. 

The third is the Curated section, which aggregates a diverse array of interesting news stories, features, and reviews from around the web, each introduced with a short blurb on our homepage.

Last but not least, our Practicalities section offers practical tips and guidance on a range of topics related to philanthropy and nonprofit management, fundraising, and operations. Our aim is to provide candid—not canned—advice to help our readers achieve their goals as charity leaders, as fundraisers, or as civil society leaders generally. Our approach is to focus on fundamental strategies that have been shown over time to be effective. Doing the fundamental things consistently—and well—over time, is what separates successful organizations from unsuccessful ones.

Poke around the new website, and let us know what you think! We welcome your feedback at editorial@philanthropydaily.com.


Maca Pallares
Managing Editor


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