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Led by dean and inspired by college service program, students at PA's Misericordia developed auditing tool for nonprofits, hoping to curb embezzlement losses.

"Reported thefts from nonprofit organizations inspired one local professor and his students to compile an audit manual outlining a system of checks and balances. National and regional headlines have identified small nonprofits as easy targets for embezzling....
These losses, ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars, can destroy an organization’s reputation, said Fred Croop, dean of the College of Professional Studies and Social Sciences at Misericordia University.... Using Misericordia’s service program initiative, Croop and seven of his students from the past summer session began work to develop a 30-page audit manual. The manual hopes to provide small, all-volunteer based nonprofits a road map to create and implement a multi-layered system of checks and balances and offers guidance on registering as a tax-exempted charitable organization." -- Eileen Godin, the Wilkes-Barre Times Leader

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