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As a vehicle for their charitable giving, donor-advised funds give both flexibility and protection to donors' intent; their diversity is increasing their popularity.

"What vehicle do young tech billionaires, retired farmers and kids too young for a driver’s license share? Donor-advised funds. This increasingly popular charitable vehicle is highly customizable for clients’ philanthropic, tax planning and financial planning needs. Its ease of use and numerous giving options make it the charity vehicle of choice for many clients.

"Donor-advised funds are the fastest growing charitable vehicle for a reason. They have low maintenance fees compared to private foundations and charitable trusts. Most funds permit donors to have their portfolio managed by their financial advisor. Donor-advised funds are also easy to establish and use. Their incredible flexibility offers solutions for individuals and families giving from a few thousand to a few billion dollars to charity. These factors make donor-advised funds perfect for people in most stages of life."--Andrew Hibel, ThinkAdvisor

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