Doug Schneider

Doug Schneider is managing partner at American Philanthropic. He has over a decade of experience in sales, marketing, communications, public relations, publishing, and fundraising.

Doug graduated magna cum laude with a degree in political science from Messiah College in Grantham, Pennsylvania. He resides in Newark, Delaware, with his wife, Shannon, and their four children.

Fundraising when times are bad: strategy

A well-thought-out strategy is always a key ingredient for success. That doesn’t change when times are bad.

Planning during crisis: creating a strategic plan, even now

If you find yourself in the midst of a sudden health, social, and economic crisis, and without a development plan—well, there is no time like the present to create one. Here’s how to do that.

strategic plan planning update review
Strategy during COVID: no time like the present to review, update your plan

Having a strategic plan sets a nonprofit apart from its peers. Now is the time to carefully review your strategic plan and make necessary adjustments in light of the current crisis.

Raise more money by leveraging donor motivation

What motivates donors to give?