Elizabeth Palla

Elizabeth Palla is a Senior Consultant with American Philanthropic, publisher of Philanthropy Daily. Before joining American Philanthropic, Liz served as Senior Program Officer at the William E. Simon Foundation in New York, where she was part of a three-person team responsible for administering the foundation’s $10 million yearly grant portfolio. Liz graduated from Gonzaga University with a B.A. in literary studies and a minor in philosophy. She lives in Montana with her husband and two young sons.

Do you have a DAF strategy? If not, perhaps you should.

If you want your nonprofit’s development program to be in a competitive position in the coming years, you need to be thinking about DAFs. Ignorance is not bliss in this arena, and DAFs need to be on your radar.

Who needs donor research tools?

Good research can mean the difference between going into a meeting feeling at ease or on edge. Here are some of the best donor research tools out there.

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Foundation solicitations during COVID: stay in touch, stay the course

The market is down and we are all stuck at home. One thing hasn’t changed: foundations are required to spend 5% of their corpus.

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Giving during COVID: thoughts for donors

Everyone is wondering how donors will respond to the economic downturn. Here are some recommendations for donors—we need you to help keep nonprofits and civil society strong.

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Six essential elements of a successful grant proposal

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Everyday virtues

A one-size-fits-all education model leaves many behind who might otherwise find great satisfaction and success in manual trades.