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MN worried about the greying of volunteer population; age, warmer weather are shrinking the pool and Boomers don't seem inclined to jump in.

"Dorothy Johnson has been a bedrock volunteer in rural Braham, Minn., since she retired from finance in 1997. She helped raise money for the new $2 million community center and has been volunteer treasurer of her church and the local food shelf for more than 15 years. Now, at 84, Johnson is ready to hand over the reins. But attracting a solid base of younger helpers in her town of 1,800 has been tough. Reliable, longtime volunteers, who were shaped by the Great Depression and WWII, are dying or getting too old to do the work. Baby boomers aren’t stepping in to fill their shoes — at least not in the same way." -- Jackie Crosby, the Minneapolis Star-Tribune

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