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Philanthropist F. M. Kirby dead at age 91; foundation has given $400 million since 1931.

1 thought on “F. M. Kirby dies”

  1. William Burns says:

    Uncle Fred,
    You came into my life and left at such a young age that I would have no idea what giving $400 million to charity really really means. However, as i’ve grown older I’ve seen the real impact that people like you have given for the advancement medical research in our society. Your sister in-law and my grandmother Dotty Dillard Burns is a tragic case of our inability to control the worst of geriatric diseases, Alzheimer’s . However, your foundation’s generous contributions to Alzheimer’s research will help to one day make this horrible affliction a thing of the past. I hate to use clique phrases, but your life and contribution to society most follows Randy Travis’s words, “It’s not what you take when you leave this world behind you, it’s what you leave when behind you when you go”. I may or may not achieve the monetary success that you did but If I could bring to the less fortunate half as much as you did, I would consider myself a saint.

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