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Carly Fiorina will have more news coming about her alleged support of Planned Parenthood, which is an unfair claim that demonstrates Americans do not understand philanthropy.

"Fiorina and her husband do their charitable giving through a donor-advised fund that is hosted by the Ayco Charitable Foundation, which is the philanthropic services arm of the investment firm Ayco. The foundation, it turns out, also manages other donor-advised funds that have disbursed money to Planned Parenthood, according to an article published today in the Daily Beast. Fiorina, of course, has lately been a fierce critic of Planned Parenthood.

"Is this hypocrisy? Not at all—if you know anything about donor-advised funds, you know they are often managed by institutions that manage a great many such funds, giving to a wide array of causes. The donations made by other philanthropists with funds at Ayco have nothing to do with Fiorina’s own giving—just like it would be silly to argue that, say, Hillary Clinton is tainted because another client at the same investment management firm she uses has controversial stock holdings."--David Callahan, Inside Philanthropy

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