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The role of philanthropy in America has been condensed into one new book published by Philanthropy Roundtable: it is the Almanac of American Philanthropy.

"Philanthropy is a very big part of what makes America America.

"Start with the brute numbers: Our nonprofit sector now employs 11 percent of the U.S. workforce. It will contribute around 6 percent of GDP in 2015 (up from 3 percent in 1960). And this doesn’t take into account volunteering—the equivalent of an additional 5-10 million full-time employees (depending on how you count), labor worth hundreds of billions of dollars per year.

"America’s fabled “military-industrial complex” is often used as a classic example of a formidable industry. Well guess what? The nonprofit sector passed the national-defense sector in size way back in 1993."--Karl Zinsmeister, Philanthropy Magazine

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