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Regularly updated section will overview, and try to broaden a normally narrow, public discourse about grantmaking.

For its new section on “Philanthropy and Giving,” RealClearPolicy is working with The Giving Review’s co-editors to curate and compile links to regularly updated content, along with some original articles.

“Philanthropy and other forms of giving have a profound relationship with and effect on American policymaking, politics, civil society, and culture, among other things,” according to the RealClearPolicy. “Funders help set agendas and shape opinion, directly and indirectly. Their money and its consequences deserve even more attention, and critical scrutiny.”

RealClearPolicy is part of the RealClearPolitics suite of websites. Like all of the sites, RealClearPolicy’s “Philanthropy and Giving” section will feature authors from across the ideological spectrum. Their articles will cover both big ideas about and the everyday practicalities of giving.

1 thought on “For new “Philanthropy and Giving” section, RealClearPolicy working with The Giving Review

  1. Drew Anderson says:

    Your contribution will be a great and needed addition to RCPol. Congrats on establishing the relationship which will better educate the interested public.

    I scan at least 5 of the RC sites daily.

    I commend one RCMar link today to you which deals with the Gates Foundation giving as understood or not understood by Melinda Gates


    “We Hadn’t Really Thought Through the Economic Impacts” ~ Melinda Gates
    Jeffrey A. Tucker
    – December 9, 2020

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