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The Gates Foundation announces that it is a "learning organization" and will focus its efforts on alleviating poverty in the US.

"So here we are now, with the Gates Foundation announcing its first major effort to grapple with poverty in America writ large.

"Writing in Medium, Gates Foundation CEO Sue Desmond-Hellmann acknowledges that the foundation is entering “new territory” and explained why: “We have learned an enormous amount about the structural barriers that can put pathways to opportunity out of reach. And we know that while access to an education is a critical driver of economic mobility — and the intervention that remains our primary focus in the U.S. — it is not the only intervention needed to address poverty here at home.”

"Desmond-Hellmann described the Gates Foundation as a “learning organization,” and this move underscores that. It casts the foundation in a positive light—as a place willing to follow the facts where they lead, even if that means going outside its past comfort zone and into a thicket of issues that’s even thornier than K-12. (Never mind how long it took Gates to grasp a set of facts that have long been obvious.)"--David Callahan, Inside Philanthropy

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