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Kicking off season three of Givers, Doers, & Thinkers with a great conversation featuring Jonathan Haidt.

We are kicking off season three of Givers, Doers, & Thinkers with Jonathan Haidt.

Jonathan is a social psychologist whose research examines the intuitive foundations of morality. You might know him from his New York Times bestseller, The Righteous Mind: Why Good People are Divided by Politics and Religion. He is also a professor at New York University’s Stern School of Business. Jonathan has helped found various organizations to strengthen his corners of civil society through Let GrowHeterodox Academy, and OpenMind

Jeremy chats with Jonathan about the moral intuitions and untruths that separate us but perhaps don’t need to. They dive into several provocative questions, including—What is civil society’s exoskeleton? Why are white liberals more depressed? Is social media disastrous for civil society? How did the mental health epidemic among teenagers birth wokeness? What is devasting Gen-Z? How is the death of unsupervised play corrosive in the habits of a democracy? All of this and more in today’s episode with Jonathan Haidt. 

You’ll also hear from American Philanthropic Partner Doug Schneider on strategic development planning. He shares the importance of taking time to slow down towards the end of the year to assess your work and how to best plan for the future. 

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