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Some sage business advice is to treat your employees as if they were volunteers, but sometimes when a person transitions from volunteer to employee they don't want to feel like a warm body.

"After a few years volunteering in my community I was approached by a well-respected local charity. The idea of being headhunted as a volunteer had never occurred to me, and I was flattered. The opportunity involved speaking at events, recruiting other volunteers, and networking with other charities in the area. Then, just five months after signing up, I was asked to become a fully-fledged employee.

"I was really excited. I loved the charity and being offered a paid job confirmed to me the power of volunteering, as it had allowed me to create a new career for myself. I accepted the role of volunteer manager and looked forward to the chance to develop my career. I considered this a position of huge responsibility, trying to inspire a new generation of volunteers."--Anonymous, The Guardian

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