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Poverty, according to a new study from the Brookings institute, could be solved simply by the world's billionaires effectively taking the pledge; this simplistic answer won't meet the needs of the poor.

"Billionaires have the power to end global poverty. 

"That's the finding of a new report from the Brookings Institution. According to researchers, the richest billionaire in Swaziland could lift the entire nation out of extreme poverty with a few large donations. Wealthy individuals in Colombia and Georgia could do the same.

"The math may add up. But the conclusion misses the mark.

"The World Bank says that people earning $1.90 or less per day are living in 'extreme poverty.' Despite Brookings' findings, alleviating global poverty is much more complicated than boosting incomes above that level by a few cents. Charities should instead focus on giving individuals the tools needed to earn a sustainable and dignified living. This living requires more than $1.91 per day."--Pierre Ferrari, The Hill

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